Need travel advise. Don’t listen to these.

I usually read up many travel blogs for advise before I head off to my next destination. With easy access to the internet (other than Cuba), we could easy get access to all the information we require for any countries, destinations and to do activities.

However some advises do raised my eyebrow.

Traveling means very differently to different people. And because we have so many ways to travel now,  travel advice is usually subjective. What I mean is – to collect any information you want, but if any of the advise at all sounds dubious or just completely wrong, feel free not to use it!

Want to know what travel tips raise my eyebrow? These are those advises that I do not believe in.


Women should not travel alone.

Yes, many grandpas, grannies, aunties, uncles will be so worried about your safety, especially if you are a lady. They always say – The world is dangerous place, do NOT go travel on your own. You will be in danger! You might get kidnap!

Of course we understand they meant well. Often not, they have not dare to step out of their comfort zone and see the world for themselves.  But their limit should not be your limit. Many stories that we saw on the news are not entirely true about that country. (Sadly, negative news worth much more than positive news as it generate more viewership.)

I had travelled for six months solo. Never was I feeling in danger or of any sort. I definitely believe that there is no problem for women to travel alone at all.

Horrible things can happen anywhere, and to anyone, even in your own country. It happens to both women and men, so do not let this MYTH hinder you from your big adventure.

You just need to be careful when you are traveling alone. That’s it.


Use a Traveller Cheque. 

I used to use a traveller cheque when I was studying in Scotland, and that was Year 2008. Surprisingly not, of this day and age, no one really use traveller cheque anymore. Credit cards and ATM card are usually acceptable in many countries.

So forget about about traveller cheque. Just bring cash. Better still, just bring your credit card or debit card. Make sure you check with your bank if you are able to use your cards overseas.


You DO NOT Need to Plan Your Trip

I’m an impromptu traveller.

Yes. I usually decided what to do when I’m at my destination. But that does not mean lugging your luggage the whole time and think about where to sleep in tonight. Always, book the first few nights of accommodation of your first destination. This could buy you time to decide what you want to do, without worrying where to sleep over.

Not sure where to book your accommodation? See my previous blog post : 4 Best Sites to Book Your Next Travel Stay for more ideas.

My Airbnb Stay @ NYC

Do Not Sign Up for Tour

Yes. I like to travel independently. I love to explore cities and places on my own. But I love to sign up for small local tours too. They usually give me more insight about the place than what I can read up or find out on my own. There are many free walking tours in the many cities! Join them, it doesn’t hurt your wallet and you get to learn more too!

One of my best trip was the trip that I signed up with TREK AMERICA. We had an amazing road trip in United States where we did camping and all.

Trek America at Yosemite National Park


Do Check out TREK AMERICA for the various road trips they have to offer.


Do not try the Street food

Many had advised not to try Street food. However, I felt, for many countries, the essence of their culture and their best food are usually on the street!

Sure, some countries their street food don’t look entirely clean. Practice caution and weigh your options.

Street Food at Mexico City

When traveling afar, why not just try what they have? It’s always good to reject any idea or things after you have tried it. Reject with understanding.


Do It While You are Still Young

Yes. It much easier to travel when we are younger as we have no commitments. But I truly believe we can all be free to travel at any age. Never let age stops you from doing anything you want to. I have seen many grandpas and grandmas climbing down the hill just to see the amazing waterfall.  I will never stop traveling  even if i’m gonna be in my 50s, 60s or 70s. Age is just a number. Do not let that hinder you. If you feel like doing it, just do it!

My first ever Skydiving Experience


Carry Your Passport With You At All Times. 

Pretty horrible advise to me. Yes, of course certain countries do actually require foreign tourist at all time. Most countries doesn’t have this rule.

I never do that. I always leave it in my luggage, stored in the accommodation. Unless I need to rent a car or things like that, else the idea of misplacing it while traveling and the hassle of it getting replaced, is a nightmare to me. You know you are screwed if you lost your passport.  It is important to know when to carry it and when to leave it behind.

Carry it if you need to transit. When you’re traveling locally you should leave it at the hotel in a secure location like a safe. An exception would be if you are staying in a hostel or hotel without a safe where it is at more risk of being stolen in a shared room.

Also, travel with a photocopy instead of the actual document. Remember to save digital copies of the documents in your email or in your phone folder. In case your passport really gets lost or stolen, with copies you might still be able to make do.


Don’t Trust Anyone

Travel teaches one to be humble. And at the same time, it teaches us that kindness exists in the world. Often, travel restore our faith in humanity. Surprisingly not, strangers are often generous, kind and helpful.

My best Host in Cuba!! Miss you guys!
My favourite boy!


Trust your own gut instinct when trusting  a stranger, as always, safety is often more of our own common sense.  If you travel abroad with the attitude that no-one is trustworthy, it almost certain that you are in for a very lonely trip.


Pack Clothes for Every Season

Never do this! Always bring versatile clothing. Doing laundry aboard is pretty easy and usually doesn’t cost much. The more clothes you bring in your luggage, the heavier it will be. You will have more trouble when it comes to long overland trips and airline excess luggage fees. Keep it light. So it’s easier for you to move around and also more space for you to bring your purchase back home.


You Need a Lot of Money to Travel

I hear this ALOT. Travel more and you will see that this is not the truth. There’s many ways to travel. Do you want to stay in a hostel or a high-end hotel? Do you prefer to dine in 5-star Michelin Restaurants or do you want to cook your own      meal? Do you prefer to move around in a rented car or public transport?


Your preference defines how much you will spend for your trip. Keep things easy and keep things simple.

There are also many ways to reduce your cost, or increase your savings. If you are able to work part time abroad, do so. I did WWOOFing in a farm which saves me from 3 weeks of spending.

The Cut Up Fire-wood


We always have our options. Is there any other travel advise you heard about traveling that raised your eyebrow too? Share it with me!

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