Life Lessons: Picking The Right Rock

A story and life lesson of picking the right rock.

How interesting is life that we often met people we least expected. Many of which are precious lessons and memories to hold on to.

When I was still in Vancouver, I often met up with one of my forever inspiring New friend.

My new  Friend and I were talking a walk at Kitsilano Beach. The weather was  a little chilly for the winter season in Vancouver, but still bearable. This is one lady I always enjoy chatting with. Her name is Cecilia, and she’s 68 this year. Unlike most of the 60 years old I know of, she is such an interesting individual who is very open minded and have a very different perspective of life, considering the era that’s she’s born in. Every time when I met up with her, I knew I will learn either something new or many life lessons that I might take years to figure out. She is one who never stop learning and she is those who affirms my decision to travel, go out and learn something new.


So on that one day, we were chatting and strolling away. Along the way, she pick up some rocks and threw it to the water. I would have expect it to drop straight in to the water and that’s the end of the story.
No! Instead, the rock skipped 3 times!

What she did was simple for many, but not for me for I do not know how to do Rock Skipping. For me to see someone doing Rock Skipping with 3 jumps, I was impressed. Cecilia then told me, this is not her best shot. Her best shot was 9 jumps.

For someone who doesn’t remember having a childhood that goes to beach at all, I then asked Cecilia, “How do you do that?”

Back then she was a single mother with 2 young boys. Having to face the reality on her own,  she was all stressed out just like any single parent would. So every evening, she will head to the beach, pick up some rocks and threw it into the sea. It became like a ritual to her. Throwing the rock symbolized her throwing her worries away.

After many days of rock throwing, she realized that when she threw the rock, some of them skipped! She then paid more attention to the characteristics of those rocks that skipped. Usually it is black, flat and of the right weight.

Cecilia then told me this theory.
“There are tons of rocks on the beach shore. Not all can skip. So when you don’t find the right rock, the best you could do is to move on and continue to look for the Right Rock.”

The same theory applies to life, job, relationship. If we can’t seem to find the right rock, just keep looking, don’t settle. With the right rock, it will only spunk us higher, leaving us feeling satisfied and accomplished. With the wrong rock that does not fit, not only does it  weighs us down, it also leaves you feeling devastated and unworthy.

We are all made for more.
Pick the Right Rock. If you can’t find it, just keep looking.
And thank you Cecilia! I’ve learnt so much from you! Love you babe!

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