Luggage or Backpack for My Next Travel?

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Should I use LUGGAGE or BACKPACK for my next travel?
Another most debated question for travelers.
Most of the time, my old time Faithful Samsonite Luggage won the fight. My logic was that it is much easier to pull my luggage around than have a heavy backpack on my back.

However, that logic does not work well in certain countries, Countries like Canada where winter hit hard.The snowfall and the freezing weather was making my trip a little more inconvenience to pull the luggage around. Ask any Canadians, pulling your luggage over snow is no fun.

Are you in a dilemma of whether to use a LUGGAGE or BACKPACK for your next vacation?
I have listed down their pros and cons for you to assess.

– You can fit more stuff in
– You can pack your things in an organised manner
– Much easier to find your items when you are in a hurry.

– If you are staying in a hostel, hard to pull it up the stairs
– Usually much heavier as you tend to pack things that you do not need

– Backpack are usually build to fit your back and shoulders really well. You can easily walk long distance with your backpack,
– Require  no assistance to carry your backpack up the stairs
– Many Backpack comes with a build in detachable day pack, so you don’t have to pack another day pack for your trip.

– It’s hard to find your stuff if you are in a hurry.
– It’s heavy to lift and get the backpack on your back, especially if you are travelling alone.
– It’s hard to organise your items.

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So what’s my suggestion?

Depending on your trip and the experience your prefer. If you planned a trip where there will be quite a substantial amount of walking and you prefer to stay in budget hotel or hostel, plus you also intend to take public transport, Backpack is definitely a better choice. Backpack gives you the freedom to move around more freely and much easier to carry if you do long distance travel.

If your travel is not of the above,  use the LUGGAGE instead. Luggage have much more space and much easier for you if you are those who love to have a organised luggage. It is also much easier to keep your belongings safe and organised.

What’s your take on this? Share it with me.

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