Are You Mentally – Fit?

We often talk about physical fitness. But are we Mentally Fit?

The definition of Mental Toughness from Wikipedia:

“Mental strength or toughness is a measure of individual resilience and confidence that may predict success in sport, education and the workplace. “Mental strength or toughness” is frequently used colloquially to refer to any set of positive attributes that helps a person to cope with difficult situations.”

I define Mentally Fitness as the ability of the mind to withstand immerse emotional pressure or any form of failure and yet still choose to have the determination and will to focus on doing the required, to achieve the results one desire. In another word, brush the dirt off the shoulders, telling yourself that everything is ok, get back up again, and move on.

Business Titans or leaders! Are they born with mental fitness or they make a choice to be mentally fit?

I believe in the latter. I believe we are all born with similar capabilities, but its the choices that we made that makes us different.

Mental strength is often associate with WILL. The will to do things that you believe in.
WILL – derived from the word willing. And Willingness is a choice.

The next question will then be, are you Willing to make the choice and follow through with action on what you have chosen?

The awareness of mental sanity (being mentally fit) is what separates  a titan or leader from the average.


Everyone goes through some of these phases in their lives. 

Your boyfriend/ girlfriend broke up with you.

You just got divorced.

You have lost a love one.

You hate the criticism that people said about your weight, your looks, your character.

You lost all your money.

You got rejected despite all your effort.

You got cheated/ betrayed.

You look back at your life, feeling depressed, thinking why hasn’t life change for me for the better.

Many situations can make one feel depressed and devastated and go thinking this is the end of the world.
However, that is only if you allow it to affect you.


All outcomes in our life boils down to choices.

Often there’s only 2 choices.

  1. To whine and cry. Make THE PROBLEM sound like the biggest problem on earth, and then leave yourself breathless by constantly victimizing yourself.
  2. Look at the mirror. Acknowledge the fact that YOU hold the steering wheel of your future. A believer of, “I can achieve anything I want if i work hard enough. No storm last forever. These (negativity) too shall pass.”


There are many things that can happen in life where we have absolutely no control over it.

When we have no control over it, why hang on to it? Why not focus all our energy on things that we have control over.
I am a believer that if you want something, go pursue it, work for it, and  you can definitely achieve it. Outcomes in life often results from the choices we make. And success is the habit of constant persistent in gaining the mastery.  What consumes your mind, control your life.


Rocky Balboa Quote
Rocky Balboa Quote


I love the quote from the movie”Rocky Balboa”.

“It ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”

Knowing and Acknowledge that you are an awesome person, despite your past or other’s doing to you, and move away from it. That is Mental Fitness.

We all can be mentally fit. Choose to be fit mentally today.


With Love and Respect,


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