My car got stuck in snow at Jasper National Park!

Just a few days back, the SOT buddies were chatting about traveling. The chat triggered a forgotten memory and I remembered one of my most grateful unexpected moment during my Canada trip. Was there a time in your life where one or more of “these” situation happens to you? Imagine this…. You are traveling and Read More


Need travel advise. Don’t listen to these.

I usually read up many travel blogs for advise before I head off to my next destination. With easy access to the internet (other than Cuba), we could easy get access to all the information we require for any countries, destinations and to do activities. However some advises do raised my eyebrow. Traveling means very differently to different Read More


5 Signs you should invest in Fitness

Whenever we spoke about investment, we usually linked it to financial investment. What about Fitness Investment? Fitness investment is almost as important as financial investment. Often not, with a healthier body, we are able to make better decisions in our life. So lets go layman. What is investment? Investment is an act of devoting time, Read More

Bow River

5 Must-Do-Visit in Banff National Park (Winter)

  After almost 3 days on a coach from Montreal, I finally reached Banff National Park. That very night when I reached Banff National Park, it was -25 deg Celsius. Because it is midnight and with windchill, it certainly felt like -31 deg Celsius. When I woke up the next morning and getting all excited Read More

Beautiful Sunrise while en-routing to Vancouver

5 Things I Learnt from Travel Solo

Every travel is an adventure. And every adventure is a lesson. As I travel, I learn. I learn more about myself. I made mistakes along the way and at the same time gain more knowledge about each place. So here’s the 5 things I’ve learnt from travelling solo. Waiting is a virtue I pretty much Read More